An inspired building design

An inspired building design

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Zwiesel Japan

Showroom Interior Daikanyama

Eight weeks from raw concrete hull to finished interior

Zwiesel Japan rented a 180 m2 raw space in the newly built Fleg Daikanyama building to meet expansion needs for its showroom and office. Having previously worked with Welkam on trade show projects, Zwiesel commissioned us for the inter­ior of this new showroom and office.

With only 8 weeks from the initial briefing to the opening, Welkam delivered planning, design, visuals and construc­tion, including flooring, walls, ceiling, kitchen, rest room, HVAC, lighting, security and communication systems, display furniture and graphics.

Date: June 26, 2005
Size: 180m2 (1937 ft2)
Location: Tokyo, Japan

About The Client

Zwiesel Japan is the Japanese branch of Zwiesel Kristallglas AG in Germany. Zwiesel manu­factures glasses for eating and drinking, fine dining and interior ambiance. Zwiesel products include shock proof glasses and sophisticated hand made glasses.