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Carl Zeiss MicroImaging

BMB Bio Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Dec 09 - 12

BMB is one of the most important congresses and the “closing” event in a year. As it has become normal to use digital images of what is seen through a microscope, their aim was to show people the pleasure of looking at things directly through a microscope. So we came up with an idea to have holes with enlarged images of butterfly wings in order to lead people to peep into them. Besides, we covered a large wall on the other side of the holes with hundreds of butterfly models. They worked very well as not only a decoration but also as a heart-warming present to the visitors. The booth design and activity were a kind of “challenge” for Carl Zeiss, but we are confident that they successfully made an effective advertisement with it.

Date: December 09, 2008
Size: 20m2 (215 ft2)
Location: Kobe, Japan

About The Client

Carl Zeiss Microimaging is a company importing and selling optical instruments, with their head office in Germany.