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Mitsubishi Motors

Moscow International Auto Salon 2008, Aug 26 - Sep 07

our first complete full fledged automotive booth

The Russian Market is one of the most attractive ones for car manufacturers today with sales growth rates, that cannot be realized in the more settled markets.
Mitsubishi Motors decided early on to appear in Moscow with the same corporate identity as they do in other world class events for example in Geneva. The meeting area therefore was made with a glass facade “structure” and a 2nd story building for catering and hospitality. The statical framework comprised of a modular aluminium system construction. The glass facade in its center sported a 220 inch LED screen. To highlight the special importance of the Russian market, Mitsubishi Motors premiered their new Pajero Sport model and also featured 3 concept cars and a prototype model on separate stages. The organizer of the show announced 1.6 million visitors and on the first public day we really feared, that our elevated floor might take too much damage from the masses of spectators. But the next morning after some cleaning it was almost as fresh as on the first day.

Date: August 26, 2008
Size: 1100m2 (11836 ft2)
Location: Moscow, Russia

About The Client

Mitsubishi Motors - just a few famous model names: Lancer - Colt - Pajero - Outlander - and many more.