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Cie Games Japan (Cartown)

Tokyo Game Show 2011, Sep 15 - 18

Cie Games Japan started their service of “Cartown” as mobage (games for mobile phones) in September. The design concept of the booth was a car garage which is the main background in the game. A big avatar character and a 2D car model from SUBARU were eye-catchers intended for visitors to take a memorial picture. With the colorful booth standing out very much in the dark hall, we received a nice compliment from the client for our services!

Date: September 16, 2011
Size: 18m2 (194 ft2)
Location: Tokyo, Japan

About The Client

Cie Games Japan develops and manages social games. The headquarter is in the USA. Cie Games offer contents to the Japanese game market by using their expertise of flash and motion graphics, and the know-how on developing games.