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Reishauer AG

SWISSDAYS 2014, Feb 06 - 09

2014 is the 150th diplomatic anniversary of Japan and Switzerland.
SWISSDAYS is the memorial event for that.
As Reishauer is a B to B company, it was essential to introduce them to consumers in an easy way.
We made wooden mockups of the actual gears that Reishauer grinds, which were lit up from behind with LED.
Having a big impact of the gears and Reishauer logo glittering in the evening of Roppongi Hills, we received compliments from not only the exhibitor but also the organizer.

Date: February 06, 2014
Size: 3m2 (32 ft2)
Location: Tokyo, Japan

About The Client

Reishauer-gear grinding machines and diamond and CBN tools are in use wherever high quality products need to be produced economically.