tower of PV glasses - a display of confidence

tower of PV glasses - a display of confidence

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Kuraray Europe

PV Expo 2009, Feb 25 - 27

A German Subsidiary displays a Japanese powerhouse - in Japan!

PV Expo stands for Photo Voltaic Expo. The theme is solar energy.
One of the few industries, which have a bright future ahead in these days of global economic crisis, carbon dioxide foot print discussions and dwindling fossil energy resources.
The interesting tidbit about the kuraray booth was though, that it was completely organized by kuraray’s German daughter company division Trosifol.
So kuraray Germany designed and organized this participation in Japan and the mother company - a well known big player in Japan - was a bit nervous, if the Germans can meet the expectations, which build up with a public display like this on a world famous exhibition. But we heard, that the Japanese management, who visited the booth at the show, were very pleased - and so are we!

Date: February 25, 2009
Size: 36m2 (387 ft2)
Location: Tokyo (Big Sight), Japan

About The Client

Kuraray’s German daughter company division is Trosifol. This division, which was taken over from the German giant Veba specializes in foils, which are used to connect two glass panes. The obvious applications are for safety glasses like wind shields in the automotive industry. But the properties of the foil is also a perfect match for glass panes, that are laminated with solar cells on one side. This electricity producing layer will have to be protected from abrasion and weather and thus will be in the middle between two glass layers. These two glass layers are “glued” together with the foils made by Trosifol.