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Golla Exhibition, Jan 14 - 16

a complete shop interior for only 3 days

It was such an important event where their new designs and collections were first released to the press. The site was a rental gallery without structure or equipments for building a booth in, but with plain grey walls. However, we had known very well that it was essential for Golla to have white background, so we managed to cover the space with some white custom-made walls and realised a Golla “world”. There were many passers-by getting impressed by the sudden appearance and we got a great feedback from Golla saying “It was perfect!”.

Date: January 15, 2009
Size: 100m2 (1076 ft2)
Location: Tokyo, Japan

About The Client

Golla out of Finland designs and sells colorful and fresh bags for laptop PC, digital cameras, mp3 players etc. in more than 40 countries.