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GEA Westfalia Separator Japan KK & GEA Process Engineering Ltd

FOOMA, Jun 11-14, 2013

This was a co-exhibition of GEA Westfalia Separator Japan KK and GEA Process Engineering from GEA Group.
Depending on the angles, it looked like one single booth. However the top fascia that covered all over the 135sqm booth area functioned well to give an impression that it was one big booth. With clashes of the 2 different identities, it was never an easy mission to discover the best way for both, but the strategically calculated structure helped a lot to let the exhibitors share visitors and cooperate with each other.

Date: June 14, 2013
Size: 135m2 (1453 ft2)
Location: Tokyo (Big Sight), Japan

About The Client

GEA Westfalia Separator develops procedures and processes for the mechanical clarification and separation of liquids for the food industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, energy, shipping and environmental technology.

GEA Process Engineering develops designs and sells production plants for the dairy, beverage, brewery, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.