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Golla & Asanumashokai

CP+, Feb 09-12, 2012

In CP+,  Asanumashokai and Golla teamed up again.
It was not an easy mission to lead the 2 different “identities” to a concept where both could get comfortable with.
The solution was the 2 big walls standing on the border which functioned both as partitions and displays.
As a result, we successfully made an effective space consisting of 2 different zones (Asanumashokai and Golla) but the exhibitors and their customers still felt easy visiting each other. 

Date: February 12, 2012
Size: 108m2 (1162 ft2)
Location: Yokohama (Pacifico), Japan

About The Client

Golla out of Finland designs and sells colorful and fresh bags for laptop PC, digital cameras, mp3 players etc. in more than 40 countries.
Asanumashokai imports and wholesales photographic and audio supplies.