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Reishauer, SMS & WFL

JIMTOF, Nov 01-06, 2012

JIMTOF has a relatively longer period of time for installation, and move-in because exhibit machines and booth construction are carried out in parallel.
With even more thorough planning and preparation than usual, as a result, we had a pretty smooth work and succeeded in all 3 projects.

Date: November 06, 2012
Size: 72+54+54m2 (775 ft2)
Location: Tokyo, Japan

About The Client

Reishauer-gear grinding machines and diamond and CBN tools are in use wherever high quality products need to be produced economically.
SMS Meer is a leader in the field of plant and mechanical engineering for steelworks (long products), tubes, sections, forging, non-ferrous metals and heating technology.
WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH&Co.KG is the leading supplier in the field of complete machining.