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Swiss Science & Technology Office Japan

Bio Japan 2008, Oct 15 - 17

Bio Japan is the event and forum for Japan’s Bio-Industry serving a market closely related to health, food, energy, the environment, and other aspects directly affecting people’s quality of life.
Accordingly big is the interest of certain industries in new products, innovations and solutions for what is expected to become the biggest market of the future.
The Swiss Pavilion presents, as every year, the new and upcoming trends and technologies of the swiss bio-market by creating a platform and supporting local swiss companies to find their way into the Japanese market.
This years island-booth design was a hit, catching your eye from every corner of the venue and we received lot’s of compliments from both, customers and visitors.

Date: October 15, 2008
Size: 36m2 (387 ft2)
Location: Yokohama (Pacifico), Japan

About The Client

The Swiss Science & Technology Office is closely connected and located in the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo. Their goal is to help small and medium sized Swiss corporations to enter the Japanese marketplace and to support technological research of Swiss Science Institutions in Japan.